Poultry Safety: From Farm to Table at FlexCold
Ensuring Poultry Safety from Farm to Table: A Comprehensive Approach at FlexCold

In the dynamic landscape of the poultry industry, ensuring the safety of poultry products is paramount. The journey from farm to table involves multiple stages, each demanding meticulous attention to detail.

FlexCold BRC Rating AA

Achieves the Highest BRC Rating For An Announced Audit – “AA” – in Cold Storage Quality, Hygiene, and Product Safety Charleston, SC – November 15, 2023 – FlexCold, a leader in modernizing cold storage warehousing, is proud to announce that its Jacksonville location received the internationally recognized Brand Reputation Compliance Gold Standard (“BRC”) highest rating…

Curt Edmisten
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An Interview with FlexCold’s Facilities Director Curt Edmisten

A Seasoned Cold Storage Professional’s Perspective on Modern Cold Storage Design and Smarter Operations Q & A with FlexCold’s Facilities Director, Curt Edmisten Curt has had a distinguished career and decades of experience in cold storage facility management and construction.  In his latest role at FlexCold, he is focusing on the impact and design of…

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FlexCold’s Pro Team Approach to its Culture and Workforce

A conversation with FlexCold’s Director of Talent Management on how FlexCold is building culture and a future-ready workforce In a conversation with FlexCold’s Director of Talent Management, Charlie Isgette, she described how FlexCold sees the future of its team, its stature as ‘employer of choice’ in Jacksonville and beyond, and what’s around the corner. Central…

renewable, sustainable energy source concept
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Sustainability – A Focus of FlexCold’s Modern Design

FlexCold’s modern design strongly leans into its ability to manage energy usage which behind labor, is the second highest cost in a cold storage warehouse. Further, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports the food sector accounts for around 30% of the world’s total energy consumption.   We first looked at how…

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An Interview With FlexCold’s Director of Safety & Compliance James Denmark

Q1) Tell us how you see your role impacting our FlexCold team members and customers alike. Speaking specifically to Food Safety, the Food Safety Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that all FlexCold teammates are properly trained and adhering to GFSI regulations and our industry best practices. Effective training and education empowers frontline associates…

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FlexCold Named Among Food Logistics’ Top 2023 3PL & Cold Storage Providers to Food & Beverage Industry

FlexCold, a leader in revolutionizing cold storage warehousing, is excited to announce it has been named to Food Logistics’ Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers list for 2023. The list recognizes leading third-party logistics and cold storage providers in the food and beverage industry. “We are honored to be named a Top 3PL & Cold…

Charleston-area industrial construction weathers economic pressures

Original Article found in The Post and Courier The Charleston-area industrial real estate market proved resilient in the first quarter despite rising interest rates and a cooling economy, with tenants absorbing 2.2 million square feet, according to a new report. All told, according to Colliers, 3.7 million square feet of new space came online in the first…

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Running on Ice Podcast: Jeff Manno Shares Insights on FlexCold and Cold Storage Trends

An abbreviated interview:  Jeff Manno, FlexCold Co-founder, guest speaker on the Freight Waves podcast, Running on Ice with Mary O’Connell.  In this episode, Jeff Manno discusses cold storage trends, how FlexCold is positioned to grow, and why Jacksonville, Florida was selected for its first location. Mary O’Connell:  I’m very excited today. I have been secretly following you guys, so…

FlexCold Jacksonville plans for expansion
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FlexCold Set to Expand its First Facility in Jacksonville, FL

Company Set to Expand its First Facility in Jacksonville, FL, Offering More Than 350,000 Sq./Ft. of Cold Storage Space Jacksonville, FL – January 25, 2023 – FlexCold, a leader in revolutionizing cold storage warehousing with end-to-end expertise across the cold chain spectrum, today announced the expansion of its first facility. The Jacksonville facility, which will…