A Seafood Customer Experience at FlexCold
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The Seafood Customer Experience at FlexCold

We asked our Director of Field Operations, Melissa Rickus, a few questions to provide insight into our seafood customer experience.

Curt Edmisten
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An Interview with FlexCold’s Facilities Director Curt Edmisten

A Seasoned Cold Storage Professional’s Perspective on Modern Cold Storage Design and Smarter Operations Q & A with FlexCold’s Facilities Director, Curt Edmisten Curt has had a distinguished career and decades of experience in cold storage facility management and construction.  In his latest role at FlexCold, he is focusing on the impact and design of…

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FlexCold’s Pro Team Approach to its Culture and Workforce

A conversation with FlexCold’s Director of Talent Management on how FlexCold is building culture and a future-ready workforce In a conversation with FlexCold’s Director of Talent Management, Charlie Isgette, she described how FlexCold sees the future of its team, its stature as ‘employer of choice’ in Jacksonville and beyond, and what’s around the corner. Central…

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An Interview With FlexCold’s Director of Safety & Compliance James Denmark

Q1) Tell us how you see your role impacting our FlexCold team members and customers alike. Speaking specifically to Food Safety, the Food Safety Manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that all FlexCold teammates are properly trained and adhering to GFSI regulations and our industry best practices. Effective training and education empowers frontline associates…