The Seafood Customer Experience at FlexCold

A Seafood Customer Experience at FlexCold

Melissa Rickus, Director of Field Operations

What do customers who import seafood want and expect from FlexCold?

We are constantly learning and growing to see our processes through our customer’s eyes to best answer this question. We know that how we deliver service is as important, if not more important, than what services we offer. 

We think of our customers’ experience at FlexCold as an end-to-end journey beginning well before inventory hits our dock doors. The FlexCold customer journey is a combination of efficient processes, strong culture, and a shared vision between all our teammates to create an outstanding end-to-end journey.

We asked our Director of Field Operations, Melissa Rickus, a few questions to provide insight into our seafood customer experience.

Q. What are seafood customers looking for most with their cold storage partner?

Our tagline is “We Understand Cold Storage”. We work hard to demonstrate to our seafood customers that we understand the intricacies and details of seafood imports. Our seafood customers want to feel confident that our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed on paperwork, regulations, and outbound shipments. We also have a unique advantage of being only three miles from the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT). As seafood comes into the country, we can get inventory to our dock doors quickly and safely. We have processes in place to ensure security and safety of seafood inventory from receipt to shipment. We also have space on-site for FDA and USDA inspections, as needed.

Q. What does the cold storage seafood journey look like at FlexCold?

Seafood temperature integrity is paramount. We focus on quick turn time upon arrival. Temperatures are recorded, materials physically verified with documentation, and sorted by lot as needed. Customers are kept in the communication loop with inbound receipt documentation. Material is strategically placed in storage and accurate allocation is prepared at the time of shipment.

Q. Tell us about the FlexCold customer-experience philosophy.

Our customer experience is not just with the customer service team – it is with all departments working together to create an excellent end-to-end experience. We unite around a common vision and purpose of operational excellence. One aspect of the journey is with each customer, large and small, we have an onboarding process that helps us establish expectations, communication contacts, and how to best personalize their experience. All our processes are underpinned with an amazing culture and motivated team. I’m very proud of our team and company to be “uniquely personal” both internally and externally. 

Q. What warms your heart with cold storage?

I have been in the cold storage business for 10 years, most recently as an office manager in South Carolina. I’ve had firsthand experience with all aspects of the business from labelling cases, export documentation to running operations. This experience helps me understand our team’s challenges as well as identify opportunities for efficiency. 

Overall, it’s exciting to help set FlexCold apart as the valued partner by providing an excellent customer-experience. I also love being a part of the supply chain that helps feed the world.

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