FlexCold BRC Rating AA

Achieves the Highest BRC Rating For An Announced Audit – “AA” – in Cold Storage Quality, Hygiene, and Product Safety

Charleston, SC – November 15, 2023 – FlexCold, a leader in modernizing cold storage warehousing, is proud to announce that its Jacksonville location received the internationally recognized Brand Reputation Compliance Gold Standard (“BRC”) highest rating of “AA” from its first rigorous announced certification audit.  BRC is compliant with world storage and distribution standards and is the highest award to companies demonstrating food safety compliance in quality management, hygiene, and product safety.

The BRC Global Food Safety Standard has set the benchmark for nearly 25 years.  Adopted by over 22,000 sites in more than 130 countries, the standard is accepted by 70% of the top 10 global retailers, 60% of the top 10 quick-service restaurants, and 50% of the top 25 manufacturers. The standard has constantly evolved to protect the consumer.  It was the first standard to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (“GFSI”).1

“Our business is built on trust; we value the trust our domestic and international customers place in us to store their products and protect their brand,” said Jeff Manno, Co-founder of FlexCold. “Achieving the highest BRC AA rating from our first certification audit, provides our customers with the assurance that FlexCold-Jacksonville is among the world’s best facilities to handle and store refrigerated and frozen foods of all types.”

BRC certification is voluntary and contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the food supply chain.  By having globally recognized food safety management processes in place, customers and food distributors alike share in the confidence that food has been stored with the highest levels of quality and integrity.

“As a young organization, I am extremely proud of our FlexCold-Jacksonville team who supported and rose to the challenge of attaining the highest BRC accreditation,” said James Denmark, Director of Safety & Compliance.  “Our BRC AA rating underscores our dedication to be a premier partner to our cold storage customers and our internal team.  Our goal is to be the benchmark for modern cold storage.”

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