We Understand: How to manage your poultry business

By: Craig Turner, President

Cold Chain Logistics is not a formal field of study but it sure is one that takes experience.  With deep experience and know-how, FlexCold is able to create and manage key processes, understand the ins and outs of government regulations, manage the logistical coordination, design the right building infrastructure, and most importantly – have the team in place who connects the dots effortlessly.

Having a building that features the latest equipment and automation is just the start. With over 30 years of cold chain logistics, I believe when handling poultry cold storage and logistics, in particular, these three areas make the difference.


Collectively, our FlexCold team has over 100 years of food logistics experience.  That experience allows us to proactively anticipate, create effective and efficient processes, and trouble-shoot issues timely. Nothing beats experience when handling your poultry business and the FlexCold team has it. 

Export Expertise

Exporting poultry takes coordination, contacts, and the right processes in place.  Our team has experience creating export order for countries around the world, complying with USDA statutes, foreign regulations for countries of destination, shipping laws and shipping schedules, and paperwork.  Did we mention – paperwork?

Modern Design

We understand that temperature control is one of the most important factors in product quality.  From the time the pallet arrives, to the time it moves to be blast frozen – our cold storage environment maximizes freezer time, minimizes pallet handling, and decreases the opportunity for temperature breaches.  Our modern design, equipment, and warehouse management system work together with our team to ensure your product is moved quickly and efficiently both in and out of our facility.

Port Proximity

Located three miles from the Port of Jacksonville, we are able to efficiently move your product to the port quickly and cost-effectively.

We value your poultry business and understand what it takes to successfully manage it.

We’re opening this summer.  Please reach out to info@flexcold.com with any questions or to reserve  cold storage space for your inventory.

Listen to Craig’s Interview HERE.