FlexCold-Jacksonville has officially opened its dock doors

Dear FlexCold Friends and Family,

Firstly, a hearty welcome and sincere thank you to our new teammates, customers, future customers, community partners, vendors, ARCO Design/Build, and our leadership team for being a part of our new journey, FlexCold-Jacksonville.

Today, we officially open our dock doors for business. It is an incredible honor for me to share this announcement, lead, and serve this great company. We enter a well-established industry with our own highly modern, uniquely personal, strategically located cold storage warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Our infrastructure is technologically advanced – the mobile racking system provides unparalleled densification and accessibility; our refrigeration system runs without water consumption and utilizes less power; our conveyor and blast freeze system work in unison to efficiently freeze and store poultry. And, as technology evolves, we will evolve with it.

I couldn’t be prouder of our first #Team22 who make this technology tick. Collectively, we bring extensive cold chain experience and a passion to be customer-focused with new and innovative methods. We open with a clarity of purpose and a sense of mission to provide a different experience for our teammates and customers.

Today, we begin with a remarkable foundation of talent, resources, and tenacity to make a difference in our customers’ businesses and our teammates’ careers. It’s truly exciting and it’s just day one.

Thank you again to all who have and will join our journey to build a new cold storage experience. We look forward to working together.

Best regards,

Craig Turner

President, FlexCold